Hospitality / Covid 19

The UK Government is constantly updating its guidance for the hospitaility sector in an attempt to protect consumers from the spread of Coronavirus. For many in the hospitality industry, these changing instructions are causing major confusion. One minute, its all close, the next its “eat out to help out” then its reduced opening times, then back to closed. How can hardworking business owners gain any confidence from these instructions ?

One thing is certain, we all have to guarantee the safety of staff and clientele to rebuild confidence.


  • Touchless instant body temperature check
  • High temperature RED light indicator with alert buzzer
  • Normal body temperature,  GREEN light indicator
  • Touchless hand sanitiser dispenser
  • Built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon capable of transmitting 30 messages per second upto 70 meters
  • Touchscreen digital Master Screen for programming BLE messages
  • Branded rubber “drip mat”

C360 Media have designed a range of products and digital Apps, not just to comply with the “ever changing” government guidelines, but to see past the confusion and rebuild business for the future. The emphasis is based on increasing footfall in a safe and secure manner, providing an excellent service and more importantly, ensure we rebuild the trust and confidence of staff and consumers. This virus is here for a long time and we all have to try to be creative and produce a NEW NORMAL that staff and consumers will buy into.

C360 Media OPEN & SAFE offer includes :

  • The Unique PowrPod charging stations with built-in beacon technology
  • PowrScan body scanner
  • PowrApp Application to promote charging facilities and in-venue advertising
  • Bar Call Application that guarantees total consumer safety regardless of how often the rules change.

This OPEN & SAFE offer is priced so that ALL hospitality venues (regardless of size) can afford and with finance / leasing options available, not have to worry.

We all need to seriously think about the wellbeing of others, decisions made today will have a profound effect on the businesses of tomorrow.

Without staff and consumers, there is NO business.

C360 Media can develop a bespoke digital system to improve footfall and dwell time for any business.