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Unique Selling Points


The slick unique style of both the Bistro and Casual dining charging stations provide multiple highly visible areas for branding. Instant brand awareness is fully achieved even before the phone is connected. Once the consumers phone is connected and charging, for the next 20 – 30 minutes YOUR brand and message is right there, no one walks away leaving their phone!


The PowrPod computerised LED screen displays content uploaded by PowrApp our proprietary cloud-based multi-function application that will revolutionise the future of advertising.


By providing PowrPod Solutions to your consumers, they will stay longer, buy more and provide glowing feedback on social media. Everyone relies on their mobile phones for searching, researching, paying, photos and even the daily news. With 5g being rolled out, streaming will be faster however battery life will pay the price. You can’t sell to an empty chair! Provide a fast charge solution and build loyalty.


Create a community by showing local and national adverts on the digital screen through PowrApp. The worlds most cost effective and direct advertising available, allowing the advertiser complete control.



We have all experienced low battery anxiety. Today’s smart phones carry our theatre tickets, travel boarding passes, even our credit card info. The reliance on our “pocket computer” is now so great that health experts have identified “low battery” as a daily contributor to anxiety attacks. In a recent survey carried out at a UK University, students stated that the only thing worse than a dead battery was a lost phone.

Bistro Style Tables

  • 10mm thick plate glass table top protects all devices on charge from spillage.

  • Charges up to 10 devices at once

  • Plug and Play System

  • Built-in Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

  • Provides the ultimate consumer/brand experience

  • Incorporates 18.5” digital LED computerised screen with wireless keyboard and mouse or optional touch screen.

  • Supplied with branded high stools

  • Interchangeable “point of sale” around main body with branding on plate glass top and body

  • Stands out and is easily identified as a Powrpod solutions outlet

  • Casual Dining Tables

  • 10mm plate glass table top protects all devices on charge from spillage.

  • Charges up to 12 devices at once

  • Incorporates 3 x 240v power sockets for laptop charging

  • Built-in Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

  • Supplied with cushioned tulip chairs for easy clean and comfort

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • Perfect style for any social environment.

  • Incorporates 18.5” digital LED computerised screen with wireless keyboard and mouse or optional touch screen.

  • PowrApp

  • Focused Advertising (F A) is the new digital advertising service designed to capture the consumers attention - and it works. PowrPods are the only digital platform that offers Focused Advertising by providing theconsumer with the essential service of free mobile charging. Once everyones's precious "pocket computer" is out of their hands, their focus is on the PowrPod 18.5" digital LED screen. Virtually all consumers in the developed world are now DIGITALLY PROGRAMMED through the mobile phone revolution. One thing is for sure, these expensive personalised diaries that carry credit/debit card details, personal photos, emails and messages are ALWAYS in reach.

  • Q. So how does it work....?

  • A. By offering an essential free charging service, the PowrPods change the direction of the consumers focus, from their miniature mobile screen to the powerful 18.5" LED screen for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

  • If a marketer has the consumers attention, a good product, at the right price point, they have a sale.

  • The best product at the cheapest price doesn't result in a sale without the consumer....! PowrPod advertising provides consumers. It is by far the most cost effective marketing and advertising platform in the world and puts you in total control of your advertising spend.

  • Bespoke

    We can design and produce any style of branding to suit your concept

    When the world’s biggest drinks company, Coca Cola wanted to drive awareness and sales of Coca-Cola Freestyle to students on campus, PowrPod Solutions ticked every box. Students now have the freedom to enjoy their favourite Coca-Cola Freestyle drink whilst charging their phones.

    The fastest growing online fashion brand in Europe requested a highly visible concept to place in Universities and Colleges to engage with their specific demographic. A mega advertising campaign and the high vis branding helped drive sales for Q4 2019 to unprecedented levels.

    The biggest football club in the world requested a charging solution for their museum tour so visitors have a full battery to enable them to take photos and post on social media whilst visiting every aspect of Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams. Additional charging solutions were requested for the iconic Red Café to allow supporters to charge their phone before kick-off, at half time and after the game.

    Slide Design We design, manufacture and install Design & Manufacture

    Slide PowrApp

    Slide Manage and upload all advertising content on the bespoke content management system PowrApp Manage Content MangeBoohoo




    Slide Jan Heeley
    Red Cafe Manager
    Manchester United
    The tables are a great addition to the Red Café and are being very well received by both staff and customers. We needed something that provided great charging facilities and PowrPod solutions have definitely met this criteria. Our customers are happy they now have a place to charge their mobile phones.
    Slide Natasha Hackett
    Brand Director
    Students are a key demographic for us so it’s great to be able to catch them at a static point in their day and show them bespoke boohoo content. We have ambassadors in some of the universities with PowrPod Solutions who have been excited to have another way to bring the brand to life on campus.
    Slide Dave Ewart
    Head of European Freestyle Customer and Commercialisation at The Coca Cola Company
    There is nothing like PowrPod solutions! Coca-Cola Freestyle is all about connecting people with occasions, just like PowrPod solutions. The unique PowrPod tables highlight the Coca-Cola Freestyle brand and benefits to all consumers showcasing over 100 individual choices. Coca-Cola Freestyle are proud to support the next generation (Gen Z) with their studies, social life and wellbeing, by keeping them connected”
    Slide Luke Stretton
    Facilities and Events Manager at Teeside Students Union
    The PowrPod Solutions tables are a great addition to the university and look great! Our students can grab and go from the shop or stop off and charge up their devices. We have seen an increase in dwell time in our ground floor retail unit with students taking a break and purchasing items from the shop. They look great, are easy to install and add a great feature to the SU.
    Slide Matthew White
    Chairman of TUCO / Director of Campus Commerce Reading University
    The students are keen to re-charge their phones, tablets and laptops to keep in contact with their social world whilst having a snack, coffee and a chat. PowrPod Solutions are very practical and useful, a welcome addition to Reading University we need more please!

    You're in good company !

    Some of the Universities, Colleges and Brands using Powrpod Solutions